The Civil Society Coalition By-Laws

1. Membership.

1.1. Applications:

Any non-profit non-governmental organization may apply for membership in the CSC.

1.2 Review of applications.

The Secretariat will review applications, and provide notice to the CSC-announce list, and to the CSC Steering Committees.

1.3 Decisions on membership applications.

The Steering Committee will then determine whether or not to accept a new application for membership.

1.4 Factors in considering membership.

Members should have a history of advancing the interests of citizen or consumer interests in trade and standard setting bodies.

1.5 Decision on new applications.

The steering committee will decide whether to accept or reject applications for membership, after following procedures for review of applications. The decision of the steering committee shall be final.

2. Steering Committee.

2.1 Size of Steering Committee.

The initial size of the steering committee shall be 5 persons.

2.2 Elections.

Elections to the Steering Committee shall be held every January. Any member may nominate a person to the steering committee. The elections shall be administered by the Secretariat.

3. Secretariat.

The steering committee shall appoint a secretariat to manage the affairs of the CSC.

4. Representation before Trade and Standard Setting Bodies.

4.1. Accreditation

The Secretariat shall prepare applications for accreditation and representation before appropriate global trade and standard setting bodies, including but not limited to:

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
World Trade Organization (WTO)
World Health Organization (WHO)
Hague Conference on Private International Law (HCPIL)
United Nations Conference on International Trade Law (UNCITRL)
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)

4.2 Representation

The CSC membership shall be kept informed of opportunities to participate and trade and standard setting bodies. The Secretariat shall determine which individuals shall represent CSC in these proceedings, and the terms of reference for such representation.

5. Statements of Policy.

In most cases, the CSC will facilitate participation of civil society on trade and standard setting meetings, but will not endorse or take positions on substantive issues. However, in some cases, the CSC will permit the submission of statements on behalf the CSC or on behalf of some members of the CSC. The procedures for doing so are as follows

5.1 Statements that are presented on behalf of the CSC should first be noticed the membership on the announce list and then approved by the Steering Committee. Any member of the CSC is permitted to note an abstention or opposition to such a policy statement. Such statements shall including a notice that individual members of the CSC may or may not agree with the CSC position.

5.2 The CSC may also in appropriate circumstances present statements that are endorsed by individual memberships of the CSC membership.

6. Finances.

All expenses of the CSC will be donated by its members on a voluntary basis.

7. Mailing lists.

CSC shall main a discuss list that is archived and available to the public, and an announce list that is only open to the membership.

8. Changes in By-Laws

The Steering Committee can amend the by-laws, after providing notice to the membership on the announce list.

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