Subject: CSC Application for Ministerial Conference November 9-13, 2001
Date: Mon, 02 Jul 2001 17:52:51 -0400
From: Manon Ress
Organization: Essential Information
CC: Robert Weissman , James Love , Paul Davis , Khalil Elouardighi ,, "Adrian, Otten," , "Ungphakorn, Peter"

External Relations Division
Centre William Rappard
154, rue de Lausanne
1211 Geneva 21


This letter is a request for accreditation for the Civil Society Coalition (CSC) for the Fourth Ministerial Conference of the WTO to be held in Doha from 9 to 13, November 2001. The Civil Society Coalition has been recently organized to facilitate representation of public interest, consumer and citizen concerns in global trade bodies. The initial members of the CSC are:

Essential Action (USA)

Essential Action is a USA based NGO that has projects on such topics as global tobacco control, the dumping of obsolete incinerators in the developing world, Shell's environmental record in Nigeria, and corporate wrongdoing. It's web page is

Consumer Project on Technology (USA)

CPTech is a US based NGO that works on electronic commerce and health care technologies, with a focus on intellectual property rules. It's web page is:

Global Network for people living with HIV/AIDS (International)

GNP+ has a central secretariat in Amsterdam, but works in the 5 regions as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) Africa, Asia/Pacific, Europe, Latin America/Caribbean and North America. The overall aim of GNP+ is to improve the quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS by:
  • lobbying: creating the opportunity to bring the many voices of the epidemic to the appropriate and relevant platforms, and lobbying for the greater involvement of people living with HIV/AIDS
  • Linking : linking people with HIV/AIDS on all levels with each other as well as with funders and other organisations
  • Sharing : creating the opportunity for people living with HIV/AIDS to meet regularly at the international and regional level to share experiences, information and knowledge.

The GNP+ web page is:

Treatment Action Group (USA)

Founded in January, 1992, the Treatment Action Group, or TAG, is the first and only AIDS organization dedicated solely to advocating for larger and more efficient research efforts, both public and private, towards finding a cure for AIDS.

The Treatment Action Group (TAG) fights to find a cure for AIDS and to ensure that all people living with HIV receive the necessary treatment, care, and information they need to save their lives. TAG focuses on the AIDS research effort, both public and private, the drug development process, and our nation's health care delivery systems. We meet with researchers, pharmaceutical companies, and government officials, and resort when necessary to acts of civil disobedience, or to acts of Congress. We strive to develop the scientific and political expertise needed to transform policy. TAG is committed to working for and with all communities affected by HIV. The TAG web page is:

Act UP Paris

Act UP Paris is a French association fighting AIDS, originating from the Gay and Lesbian community, created in 1989. The North/South Commitee has been working for some time on the problem of access to AIDS treatments in the countries of the South. The Act Up Paris web page is:

Health Gap (USA)

The Health GAP Coalition was started by Alan Berkman, M.D., a New York physician who treats low-income persons with AIDS, with help from members of ACT UP/New York, ACT UP/Philadelphia, Search for a Cure, AIDS Treatment News, AIDS Treatment Data Network and many others. The Health Gap web page is

Act Up Philadelphia (USA).

Act Up Philadelphia is an all volunteer organization, committed to democratic process, self-education, and the empowerment of people living with HIV to take charge of their own lives and health. The Act Up Philadelphia web page is here:

The Civil /Society Coalition is a new organization. The initial Steering Committee includes:

Khalil Elouardighi, Paris Act Up
Robert Weissman, Essential Action
Mark Harrington, Treatment Action Group
James Love, Consumer Project on Technology
Paul Davis, HealthGap

These groups are active in a number of trade related issues, including those involving public health, intellectual property and electronic commerce. Several members of these groups have attended various WTO forums and meetings in the past. Please advise me if you need additional information.


Manon Ress
Civil Society Coalition, Coordinator
P.O. Box 19367
Washington, Dc 20036